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964 Pearl Street Napa, California 707-733-3199
Tues - Sat: 10AM - 8PM Mon: 10AM - 6PM Sun: 12PM - 5PM

610 First Street, Shop 4 Napa, California 707-726-6575
Sun - Thurs: 9AM - 7PM Fri: 9AM - 8PM Sat: 8:30AM - 8PM

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Our People

Naomi, co-owner, manager @ Pearl Street shop: Naomi has a background in slinging books, dancing and choreographing, and teaching children how to multiply and divide and read and be nice to each other. She grew up working at her father’s epic used bookstore, Chamblin Bookmine in Jacksonville, FL. When Naomi moved to Napa and there was no used bookstore in which to spend your Saturday afternoons, she thought it was crazy so she decided to open one up with her like-minded husband, Eric.

Eric, co-owner, accountant: Eric’s first ever paid job was working for the summer in the Art Library at Wesleyan University. Since then, he got a degree in mathematics, and to some people’s surprise, followed his passion for wine and found a career. He got his start in a small wine shop where he learned the ins and outs of retailing. Then, like Naomi, the draw westward won and a few winery jobs later, he found his dream job working with Aaron Pott making some delicious wines in Napa. Eric is also one of those rare people that enjoys filing his taxes so he takes care of our books.




Michelle, manager @ Oxbow shop: Michelle's Bookmine story has all the hallmarks of a modern-day fairytale: girl donates to indiegogo fund to open a used bookstore, visits the bookstore on its opening day, meets bookstore owners Naomi & Eric, and several years of friendship and nuisance-making at the bookstore later, girl is hired as a know, basic Hollywood stuff. When not extolling the virtues of the Johns (Steinbeck, Irving, and Le Carre) or experiencing crippling bouts of (Elena) Ferrante Fever, she's dancing to records with her son, teaching yoga, or seeking out an excellent breakfast. 



Dan, bookseller @ Oxbow: Dan has been in the book biz for about 8 years. Originally from San Francisco Dan has lived in Napa for 20+ years. He enjoys reading comedy bios like Amy Poehler's Yes, Please or Tina Fey's Bossy Pants. His favorite recent novel is The First Bad Man by Miranda July. In his free time he likes to play keyboard, eat tacos and re-watch Friends on netflix. He has 12 chickens, 1 rat, 2 chinchillas, and a hamster. His birth sign is Gemini and he can quote most of Star Wars by heart. If you buy him a mocha he will most definitely give you a hi-five in return.  



Kelsey, bookseller @ Pearl & Oxbow: Kelsey is a lot of different things--she is (depending on the occasion) an aerial performer, a writer, a renegade baker, a cult film enthusiast, an adventurous introvert, and a very lazy knitter. She loves books of all kinds, but particularly enjoys "urban fantasy" stories like those by Neil Gaiman and Christopher Moore. When not surrounded by books, she is most likely found crafting, planning a weekend adventure, or staring into space pondering the mysteries of life--like why historically, all her cats have ended up with British-sounding names.



Raul, bookseller @ Oxbow: Raul is an avid sci-fi, mystery/thriller, fiction reader and occasional gamer. He enjoys hiking, being with friends, and drinking lemonade. You will usually find him spending more time trying to find something to watch on Netflix than actually watching something on Netflix.